Pharma Launch Plans

Building plans, frameworks & KPIs

Are you in the process of creating your Launch Project Plan?

Or have you already compiled your plan and are looking for some practical guidance for the next steps, or on developing a framework for future launches?

Are you looking for a new KPI menu, or a ‘sense check’ of existing KPIs?

We can help! Starting by working with to you to understand what stage your planning process has reached, and how this fits in with your wider launch ambitions.

Launch Project Plan Creation

If you haven’t yet got your commercial launch team together to create your launch project plan, we can design and facilitate a Launch Initiation and Planning workshop run by one of our experienced Launch Excellence Project Consultants.

The workshop will provide you with:

  • A cross-functional launch project plan, co-created with your team, including clear and aligned strategic objectives, milestones and activities.
  • A clear understanding of all of the team’s responsibilities and accountabilities moving forward.

We can provide as much, or as little, support as you need throughout your launch excellence journey. For more comprehensive support, please ask us about our Launch Excellence Academy Programme and the positive impact it has made for the clients we are already working with on their launch journeys.

Already Have Your Project Plan?

If you have already compiled a launch project plan, we can provide a ‘sense check’ or ‘validation’ of your launch project plan based upon our years of experience working across Global, Regional and Local Launches. Plus, we can help you prepare for future launches by developing an overarching framework or templates that could be applied to other countries or line extensions.

We can advise on:

  • How to develop an overarching framework.
  • Best practice timelines.
  • Key pitfalls to watch out for.
  • Guidance on the key ingredients to give you the very best chance of an optimised launch.
  • Any gaps based on your launch objectives and/or a benchmark analysis.
  • Common elements to include in templates to guide other country plans.

KPI Guidance

KPIs can be confusing and are often misunderstood.

We understand the importance of selecting appropriate KPIs to assess:

  • Your readiness for launch.
  • Your launch performance.

Whether you need help creating a KPI menu, or just need a sense check on existing KPIs to check they are measuring the right factors for launch success, we can help.

Our approach

With our decades of experience, we know Launch Excellence only happens when all the elements of your launch team’s capabilities are aligned, connected and nurtured in the right environment. As all the elements are closely linked, we always tailor our support around your needs, ambitions and stage of the launch journey.

Whether improving launch frameworks/plans, enhancing project planning skills, developing launch KPIs/metrics, providing online dashboards and project tracking or building the leadership and culture, we have the expertise, ideas and solutions to add significant value.

Close to our heart is continuous improvement. Therefore, everything we do ensures that after our solutions are implemented and embedded, we observe again, assess the risks and benefits, and evolve as necessary.


Building plans, frameworks & KPIs.


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