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Tailored Project Management

Do you require full project management of your launch starting with the formation of your commercialisation team, through to your post launch review?

Or are you looking for some temporary support at key points throughout your project?

Perhaps your affiliates would benefit from some remote project management support?

We can support you with all of the above.

We provide project management services for you and your launch project teams regardless of location, or what stage of the launch project you are at.

“All launches should be treated as individual projects with unique objectives, rather than a conveyor belt where ‘one size fits all’”

Project Management Approach

We believe that all 4 stages of the launch project lifecycle are crucial to the success of your current, and future launches.

We offer professionally facilitated workshops for you and your commercial teams to guide you through the Initiation, Planning, Tracking and Closing stages of your launch project

Our experienced team of launch excellence project managers can also help with:

  • Tracking of your project plans and their associated actions
  • Identifying risks and issues, either onsite at your offices or remotely
  • Implementing the right frameworks, plans and processes
  • Improving your launch team’s performance by introducing best practice tools and templates that aid project team communication, cohesion and accountability
  • Support using our online project management platform Ignite

“We really value our partnership with IE and our collaborative relationship with them. IE has helped us achieve a significant impact on the LEx function within our company, and our mission to serve patients”

Associate Director, Commercial Operations

Our approach

With our decades of experience, we know Launch Excellence only happens when all the elements of your launch team’s capabilities are aligned, connected and nurtured in the right environment. As all the elements are closely linked, we always tailor our support around your needs, ambitions and stage of the launch journey.

Whether improving launch frameworks/plans, enhancing project planning skills, developing launch KPIs/metrics, providing online dashboards and project tracking or building the leadership and culture, we have the expertise, ideas and solutions to add significant value.

Close to our heart is continuous improvement. Therefore, everything we do ensures that after our solutions are implemented and embedded, we observe again, assess the risks and benefits, and evolve as necessary.


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Intuitive launch management tool.


Embedding an optimal launch culture.

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