Embedding an optimal launch culture

Ensure the people in your launch teams are engaged, aligned, motivated and have the skills to deliver excellence.

Your people are an integrated part of the whole launch journey and between them will set the culture that you all work in every day. They are the most valuable asset you have and alone can make or break your launch success. Rather than run one off leadership days or 1:1 coaching sessions, our approach is to weave our solutions into, and across, all of your launch elements.

“Leadership is not born from one or two things you do, it’s about who you consistently are.”

We will provide guidance on what this should be across the team at the different points of the launch journey to ensure everyone has the appropriate skills, attitudes and behaviours to connect, lead and deliver the launch ambition.

By integrating these cultural components directly into how the business needs are being addressed, the team adopts and views them as part of the solution. From engaging with a senior leader so they visibly sponsor the programme, through to agreeing how a local team will communicate, getting the culture right is a cornerstone of getting launch right.

Our approach

With our decades of experience, we know Launch Excellence only happens when all the elements of your launch team’s capabilities are aligned, connected and nurtured in the right environment. As all the elements are closely linked, we always tailor our support around your needs, ambitions and stage of the launch journey.

Whether improving launch frameworks/plans, enhancing project planning skills, developing launch KPIs/metrics, providing online dashboards and project tracking or building the leadership and culture, we have the expertise, ideas and solutions to add significant value.

Close to our heart is continuous improvement. Therefore, everything we do ensures that after our solutions are implemented and embedded, we observe again, assess the risks and benefits, and evolve as necessary.


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Embedding an optimal launch culture.

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