Executional Excellence through your launch lifecycle

Partners who share IE’s Core Values

We have partnered with a small number of innovative, client focussed companies to provide complementary services at all key areas of launch.


Specialising in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, Catalyst have worked with some of the best-know organisations in the world and delivered hundreds of customised project solutions in 30+ therapy areas.

The UK’s leading provider of incentive scheme solutions, Catalyst are experts in incentive scheme design; management; data monitoring and communication. Catalyst also provide award-winning multi-media communication and event solutions, interactive event technologies and mobile event apps that can be configured to your needs ensuring your audience is fully-engaged with your message and robust analytics combined with proven SFE expertise, communicating complex information simply and effectively.

Star Medical

Star is a full service outsourcing and resourcing company that delivering the best people for healthcare.

Star achieve this by practising one simple methodology; Listen. Tailor. Delivery. Star listens to their customers, then tailors its solutions to suit the situation and market. Star’s clients receive exceptional people and commercial outcomes.

Synergy Healthcare Research

Synergy Healthcare Research provides leading edge expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research to identify market insights that help optimise brands.

Synergy’s research capabilities range from customer insight identification, market access optimisation and communication effectiveness maximisation.

Synergy Healthcare Research’s commitment to research excellence is reflected in their BHBIA awards which include Best Business Impact, Excellence in Data Collection, Advanced Analytics and Best Sales/Marketing Effectiveness Research.

SVM Pharma

SVMPharma is an innovative strategic consultancy, specialising in Real World Evidence (RWE) for the pharmaceutical industry.

SVMPharma generates RWE within UK and Europe through bespoke online Real World Treatment Evaluators, leading to successful health technology appraisal (HTA) submissions. Clinical trial programmes do not reflect real-world clinical practice and outcomes, RWE supplements and enhances clinical datasets. SVMPharma’s specialist teams focus on delivering the outcomes that matter to your brand.