Bringing you IE’s launch expertise with our Launch Readiness Healthcheck

Through IE’s 12+ years of collaborating on launches, our team have identified three key areas that drive launch readiness; Plan, Platform and People. IE have dug deeper to understand what embodies excellence in each area, and utilised our launch expertise to create our Launch Readiness Healthcheck (LRH).

IE’s LRH is a free online tool which only takes 5 minutes and gives you an immediate overview of your launch readiness preparation in the key areas of Plan, Platform and People. That is less time than it takes to make a cup of tea, so why not take yours today?

launch expertise Launch Readiness Healthcheck

Through our years of collaborating on launches, our team have never come across an organisation that has perfect launch readiness but many have the ambition and drive to work towards their own perfection. The questions that we have collated in our healthcheck include insights we have observed in our collaborations along with launch expertise from several organisations we have worked with to bring together the key drivers that determine Launch Excellence.

IE have created this free healthcheck for the pharma industry as we believe understanding your launch readiness is the first step in the journey towards enhancing launch capabilities and achieving an improved state of launch excellence. Our aim with the LRH is to provide a greater understanding on the strengths and weaknesses of your launch. The healthcheck is not meant as a fully comprehensive tool, but as an initial diagnostic to direct focus for future thoughts and discussions in your organisation to optimise your launch capabilities.

As IE appreciate that launch preparation is time precious our LRH has only 19 questions to answer and only takes 5 minutes, getting to the in depth detail straight away to give you an immediate read out of your results.

Launch expertise Launch Readiness Healthcheck

All of your details and answers to the LRH will remain confidential between you and IE. Our team will be on hand with their launch expertise to discuss your results with you and provide focus for decision making in areas that your organisation can enhance. As the number of teams taking part in our Launch Readiness Healthcheck grow, we will build an overview of launch readiness within the pharma industry and will provide benchmarking across how companies stand within these industry standards.

IE’s Founder, Steve Marsh says “taking a step back and objectively looking at launch readiness has helped many companies recently adjust their focus and activities driving launch. The LRH is a great start to orientate where improvement can be made. When validated with additional insight from discussions with teams then, ideas, opportunities and realignment take place fueling launch readiness.”

So put the kettle on, answer our 5 minute Launch Readiness Healthcheck, have your cuppa and see where your launch is today!

10 May 2017 11:29 am
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