Launch Capabilities Assessment

Benchmarking capabilities

Assess Launch Capabilities with LEx Catalyst

LEx Catalyst is a validated process, suitable for global, regional or local launch teams, which focusess on assessing launch capabilities across your Plan, Platform and People. The observed results give clear awareness of your launch teams’ strengths and weaknesses and help us to provide a plan to enhance your launch capabilities in the specific recognised areas.

Throughout the LEx Catalyst process, our team utilise our diagnostic tools and expertise to gather information and determine how your launch capabilities are performing against your ambitions, plus we benchmark your progress against other companies. We focus on assessing areas including:

After the assessment process, our team works in collaboration with you to develop a programme suited to your needs, to enhance your launch capabilities in the areas observed. As part of this programme, we will utilise internal or external resources to ensure high quality, efficient implementation.

Our LEx Catalyst will give you:

Intelligence to inform your
decision making
Alignment to drive you towards
shared goals
Confidence you can deliver a
successful launch

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LEx Catalyst online survey

The first step in the LEx Catalyst process is a 5-10-minute online survey.

By completing this survey, you could receive an immediate picture of your launch capabilities across the key areas of Plan, Platform and People.

Our approach

With our decades of experience, we know Launch Excellence only happens when all the elements of your launch team’s capabilities are aligned, connected and nurtured in the right environment. As all the elements are closely linked, we always tailor our support around your needs, ambitions and stage of the launch journey.

Whether improving launch frameworks/plans, enhancing project planning skills, developing launch KPIs/metrics, providing online dashboards and project tracking or building the leadership and culture, we have the expertise, ideas and solutions to add significant value.

Close to our heart is continuous improvement. Therefore, everything we do ensures that after our solutions are implemented and embedded, we observe again, assess the risks and benefits, and evolve as necessary.


Building plans, frameworks & KPIs.


Intuitive launch management tool.


Embedding an optimal launch culture.

Project Management

Methodology, tools & support.

LEx Catalyst

Benchmarking capabilities.