Pharma Launch Solutions

Combining experience with innovation to enhance your launch capabilities

We provide expertise, to embed a launch excellence mindset across your launch teams.

Product Launch Success KPIs


KPIs enable a shared vision of your launch, while proactively driving consistent future launch success.

Whether you are implementing KPIs for the first time or wish to reinvigorate your current KPIs, our KPI workshop will ensure you get the best value through relevant and actionable KPIs.

Launch Planning

The basis of a successful launch is underpinned by an agile and aligned launch plan, communicating a vision while supporting launch teams

IE optimise your launch plan through tailoring, ensuring a simple, engaging output which is tailored to be region and therapy area specific.

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Pharma Launch Solutions
Launch Change Management

Change Management

Optimisation of your launch capabilities relies on the people set to drive and execute plans, requiring clarity and confidence.

Facilitation workshops focussing on visualising shared objectives, aligning priorities and developing engagement, connect people and brings energy and momentum to your organisation.


Teams who engage with a relevant launch plan, and are empowered to share best practice are those that deliver confident product launches.

IE’s Healthcheck provides captured outcomes illustrating a launch team’s confidence in their targets/timelines, the cross functional/global support in place throughout the launch lifecycle and the type of culture exhibited.

Launch Healthcheck

Launch Readiness Healthcheck

Take our free Launch Readiness Healthcheck, a unique way to fully understand how well your launch is positioned to achieve launch excellence.

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A comprehensive set of tailored solutions and services

KPIs to drive results

  • KPI Definition and Validation
  • KPI Review Projects

Supercharge your plan

  • Plan Optimization
  • Localisation
  • Plan Feasibility Analysis

High performing teams

  • Achieve Alignment
  • Communication Planning
  • Articulate Outcomes

Empowering local teams

  • Launch Readiness Healthcheck
  • Team Workshops