Pharma Launch Expertise

Activating Launch Excellence through enhancing Launch Capabilities

With 12+ years collaborating on >100 brand launches we have proven expertise to simply deliver launch excellence.

Through our extensive experience collaborating on launches, IE have identified 3 core areas that influence the success of a launch; Plan, Platform and People.

  • Plan describes the direction, activities, milestones and KPIs driving launch.
  • Platform is about how the plan components are being captured, reported on and brought to life to enable decision making.
  • People describes the culture, attitudes and behaviours required for all to be engaged and live a launch excellence mindset.

As Pharma Launch is an ever-changing environment which needs constant agility to stay ahead we believe the first step towards Launch Excellence is to understand your current launch capabilities within these 3 key areas.

Assess Launch Capabilities with IE’s LEx Catalyst

LEx Catalyst is a validated process, suitable for global, regional or local launch teams, which focusess on assessing launch capabilities across Plan, Platform and People. The observed results give clear awareness of your launch teams’ strengths and weaknesses and provide a plan to enhance launch capabilities in the specific recognised areas.

Throughout the LEx Catalyst process, our team utilise our diagnostic tools and expertise to gather information and determine how your launch capabilities are performing against your ambitions and benchmark against other companies. We focus on assessing areas including:

After the assessment process, our team works in collaboration with you to develop a programme suited to your needs, to enhance your launch capabilities in the areas observed, along with a plan to utilise internal or external resources for a high quality, efficient implementation.

IE’s LEx Catalyst will give you:

Intelligence to inform your
decision making
Alignment to drive you towards
shared goals
Confidence you can deliver a
successful launch

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LEx Catalyst online survey

The first step in the LEx Catalyst process is a 5-10-minute online survey.

By completing this survey, you could receive an immediate picture of your launch capabilities across the key areas of Plan, Platform and People.

Experts who deliver

IE’s network of experts are on hand to support you according to your specific needs. Projects we have delivered include:

Product Launch Success KPIs


Facilitating identification and implementation of effective pre and post launch KPIs.

Launch Planning

Facilitating the development and optimisation of agile launch plans.

Pharma Launch Solutions
Launch Change Management

Change Management

Driving communication, best practice sharing and engagement within teams.

Along with delivering our expertise, IE have developed an intuitive digital launch management platform to engage your launch team:

Launch Excellence Platform