KPIS: 5 Building Blocks for Certain Launch Success

graph showing alternate ways of comparing data

KPIs: Understanding What is, and is Not Important When Delivering Local Launch Success Today, we discuss the 3rd topic in our 5 Building Blocks to Launch Success series; key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs are an important industry buzzword, but IE would... Read Post

October 27, 2016 6:00 pm

Launch Planning: 5 Building Blocks for Certain Launch Success

launch planning framework

Making it Happen – In the 2nd blog of our 5 building blocks for certain launch success series, we bring attention to the need for effective launch planning. Launch planning may be seen by some as a mundane task, as... Read Post

October 6, 2016 2:40 pm

Forecast: 5 Building Blocks for Certain Launch Success

forecast first building block

Forecast – the first of our 5 building blocks to launch success In today’s uncertain times, we are challenged to launch and launch well. At IE we know that delivering a successful local launch requires juggling resources and ensuring key... Read Post

September 30, 2016 1:11 pm

How do you solve a problem like…Global Tracking?

Global Pharma Launch Management Platform the world picture used to show global

Through our series of blogs describing how the design of IE’s global pharma launch management platform, Ignite can support each level of stakeholder throughout the launch lifecycle, we have talked about the need for clarity of local users and how to... Read Post

August 24, 2016 9:00 am

How do you solve a problem like…regional engagement?

pharma launch management tool hands together to represent team work

Last time we discussed just a few of the features of IE’s pharma launch management tool, Ignite. Those features were designed by our team, while keeping in mind the clarity needed, for local country users to execute a successful product launch. However,... Read Post

August 3, 2016 3:18 pm