How do you solve a problem like…regional engagement?

Last time we discussed just a few of the features of IE’s pharma launch management tool, Ignite.
Those features were designed by our team, while keeping in mind the clarity needed, for local country users to execute a successful product launch. However, a pharma product launch is a collaboration between global, regional and local stakeholders. Therefore, any launch tool needs to be inclusive at each level, and needs to deliver value for all of their launch responsibilities equally.

The responsibility of ensuring several local launch teams are engaged with an aligned launch process and tool often lies with regional coordinators. As busy professionals, a launch tool must support their role by ensuring a quick and valuable interaction. In order for a regional coordinator to be highly effective in their launch responsibilities the tool needs to support them in doing 2 key activities:

  • Identifying any upcoming issues at a country level quickly, and
  • Clarifying progression periodically to functional and geographical stakeholders.

IE understand the needs of our regional stakeholders and the design of our pharma launch management tool, Ignite’s dashboards keeps their demanding role in mind. The dashboards give a quick overview of launch progression showing ‘traffic light’ colour coding according to the progression status of activities. This aids identification of potential issues (red) or illustrates successful (green) progression in one focussed screen. At this high level, it is simple to identify the extent of any ‘at risk’ activities. As this ‘flags’ any upcoming issues, the regional coordinator can then quickly initiate the appropriate resources and strategy to reduce any risk for launch.


The simple and clean user interface of Ignite enables coordinators to see what they need to, clearly and quickly.

With IE’s training and support services for Ignite, local stakeholders can ‘own’ their launch responsibilities within the platform, removing the need for any prompting for updates by regional coordinators. This enables regional coordinators to execute their most necessary tasks to bring together the global vision and local execution of launch throughout their region while having confidence that IE will support their local users for optimal use of Ignite.

We described previously, some features of  our pharma launch management tool Ignite which provide clarity to local launch teams. Our launch wizard also allows the regional coordinators to ensure the launch plans cascaded to the countries within their region are tailored and aligned. The resources area where documents can be uploaded, enables the regional coordinator to give consistent support to each of their countries and share best practice between them. This illustrates how the features within a platform need to support all stakeholder types equally while keeping the requirements of their different roles in mind.

IE’s expertise in Launch Excellence is what ensures we understand Ignite’s user needs and then design its’ features to support your launch teams throughout the launch lifecycle. This sets your company on the journey towards a future of continued Launch Excellence. With over 12 years of collaborating on launches, IE brings fresh thinking to launch capabilities. In working with you to produce an agile roadmap for your specific needs, implementing our digital launch platform, and engaging your teams with the launch process, we really do Simply Deliver Launch Excellence!

To see more features of Ignite V7, and see how IE can support your launch, contact us for a free online demo.

Next time, we will be discussing the Global stakeholders and the features of Ignite which we have designed to enable them to collaborate with Regional and Local launch team members to fully optimise product launch.

3 Aug 2016 3:18 pm
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