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Our Focus

Working in partnership with you, we enhance all aspects of implementing a product launch from -2yrs to +2yrs.

Launch Implementation Partnering

Empowering you and your team with our fresh approach to launch implementation.

Our expert team of Launch Implementation Partners are ready to impart decades of experience from launching hundreds of brands.

Central to everything, is our Launch Implementation EcoSystem. This connects all core components together: launch plans, project management, team collaboration and technology, ensuring your launch is implemented across multiple departments & countries in a connected and seamless way.

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Launch Management Platform

Meet Ignite; the simple, yet powerful launch management platform.

Ignite incorporates your launch activities, key resources, collaboration, KPI’s and dashboard reporting to engage and energise your team throughout the launch lifecycle.
Launch Management Platform

Launch Excellence Platform

“IE combine serious expertise with innovation and practical solutions – a rare combination.”

Senior Director, Global Pharma

New Recruits

We welcome our latest recruits to join our experienced team of passionate and focussed launch experts.

With 4 years’ experience in DevOps and development, Shivan optimises the automation processes for Ignite, our launch excellence technology.

Shivan Malde

Launch Implementation Developer

Avi has extensive launch experience , he held senior above Country Marketing roles in Merck, Pfizer, Takeda, and Vifor …and has worked across a variety of therapy areas. Avi provides Launch Implementation expertise for our clients across all of our Ecosystem solutions.

Avi Leaf

Launch Implementation Partner | Associate

With a clinical pharmacy and commercial background, Sheila has over 20 + years’ experience in pharma and has successfully delivered projects throughout the lifecycle. Sheila supports IE on consulting projects from a launch /market access perspective.

Sheila Reddy

Launch Implementation Partner | Associate


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